Voyage à Santa Maria - Day 3

15 avril 2015

The organisation

The organization of our lodge in Santa-Maria is composed of several houses with two rooms of two, two rooms of four or, in some houses, one room of four and two rooms of two. It was the children who decided in which room and house they slept in and with whom, but it was the teachers who decided in which activity groups the students were in. Every night, one of the four activity groups cooks dinner for thirty-three children and six adults. We’ve had chicken and rice with apple pie for dessert, rice salad with passion fruit mousse and even several types of quiche with crumble.

During the day, the students do activities like diving, dune-climbing and painting supervised by one or two adults. At the end of the day we’re so exhausted that we sleep really well and wake up rather late in the morning and we almost miss breakfast. Then, when we meet the teachers, they say that there were monkeys making a racket early in the morning and are surprised we didn’t hear them (we didn’t hear because we slept really deeply, as always). I feel a bit adventurous and very pleased about this field trip. My friend is a bit sad that you can’t do the good activities several times !

Julian and Leann

St Maria vs Maputo

St Maria and Maputo are almost the opposites because here in St Maria there’s few buildings, there’s a lot more vegetation, well and it’s on a peninsula, but Maputo it’s a capital city and there’s many buildings.

In Maputo the smell, the sound and the views are different than St Maria.
Here the smell is not the same as in Maputo, you can smell the water of the beach, the mangroves the trees, the leaves, it’s like a totally different thing.

Here the sound is also different than what we are used to. You can hear the birds, when there’s a bit of wind the plants and trees shake ; it’s kind of a good feeling.

The views here from inside our lodge we can see the amazing beach and the entire horizon. Each group went to do painting with Miss Fiona (one of our English teachers) on the beach. We looked for shade and we sat there to just paint the horizon just in front of us.

Thindeka and Camille

The environment

The lodge we’re in is half-civilized half-wild, with all the trees and vegetation around us.

The only constructions are the houses and the bar, and all the rest is vegetation. I can get to the beach in less than a minute, to the mangrove trees in two, twenty to get to “Hell’s Gate” canal and ten to get a three- hundred and sixty degrees view from the dunes. We’re here during the season when the water stays rather still, but during the high-tide season, there’s around a kilometer of bare sand, our teacher said.

So, in our house we have a clock that tells when the high tide is and when the low one is. During the meals, we eat on tables outside, so if it rains we get drenched (but it hasn’t yet). It’s really nice in Santa-Maria, so if you get a long week-end, this is the place to go !

Julian Brooke

Painting ‘en plein air’

Walking is hard and you get tired but when you get near the ocean it’s worth it. We walked twenty minutes to get there. We sat ourselves down under a shade and then we looked at the horizon to get ideas. We sketched in our “carnet de voyage” and later we just drew the real ones on a piece of wood.

We were inspired by Valeriane Leblond, a French artist that lives in Wales and paints in a naïve style. Each person had to do their own painting. Afterwards, group 2 came and they swam in the sea and they went back to the lodge whilst we stayed taking photos. Then we walked all the way back to the camping.

It was a very good feeling because we were painting and it’s a very good way to express yourself, it was so much fun.

Thindeka and Camille

Moments together

Every Day at Santa-Maria when the activities are finished we are all together. When we are all together we tell horror stories [example] like clowns who are crazy, magnificent dolls, zombie apocalypse.

Sometimes we tell some jokes or simple stories, but we do not always tell stories, we go to the swimming pool, we play “le telephone Arabe” or we talk together, we play rugby, football and volley ball. Tuesday we watched a little film “Polio sur la falaise pres de la mer”. Some nights we talk a little bit then sleep until 7 am and we go to sleep at 9 pm.

Jean-Louis Peffer and Aissata Ndiaye

Sunset-free time

What do we do at sunset ?

At sunset we go to the pool. Some people play football [Diogo, Yusuf, Jean-Louis, Julian, Mario, Benny, Alexander]. This is one of my favourite moments of the day !

At 6 pm everyone sits down next to the pool to see the sunset. After we go to take a shower in our home and then we get dressed. Finally we go and eat in the campsite the dish that the chosen group made.

Yusuf and Diogo.

The resident cat

At Santa-Maria there is cat that eats with us, the cat’s name is Efflor, named by Leann [student of the French school]. He follows us everywhere. He’s tiny and has ginger fur with white on his tummy. He’s rather shy and likes to stay only on Leann’s knees. He normally hangs around in the house and he only goes out if you chase him out.

Jeans-Louis P. and Julian B.