Santa Maria - The mangrove walk (Day 2)

"a wonderful paradise"

We are in a wonderful paradise and we have an awesome beach to play, swim, and see the different types of species, etc. When we have free time we go to the pool or the beach for tanning and searching for crabs.

Everyone has a room, some of them are houses and others are tents. In this lodge there are 6 houses and 3 tents. House 1 sleeps 8 people, house 2 sleeps 6, house 3 sleeps 8, house 4 sleeps 8, house 5 sleeps 3 and house 6 sleeps 12.

For eating, we have a group that cooks for us each day, for example : on Tuesday group 1 cooked chicken wraps, carrot soup and carrot muffins with cream cheese frosting. Each sunset we drink cold drinks (coca cola, fanta, sprite) and have a toast, before eating the meal made by the group.

Charlene and Orphelia

The Dinner

For the first night the dinner was prepared by group 1 (Sara, Sharon, Charlene, Orphelia, Alex H, Bernard, Tomas R, Vrishab, and Ms.Shannon)
We prepared carrot soup, chicken wraps and carrot muffins with cream cheese frosting.

First we cut the vegetables, to make the soup and put them in a pot while Bernard stirred the vegetables. Then we divided into two groups, one to make the cupcakes and the others to make the frosting. Then we made got to work making the chicken wraps. We prepared salsa, sour cream, cheese, fajita shells, lettuce, and chicken.

After the sunset everyone was hungry. We set the food like a buffet so you could choose what you wanted. Everybody took a plate and stood in line. Some people ate the soup but the others preferred to directly eat the wraps.
It was delicious !

Everybody was waiting impatiently to eat the dessert. But we had to wait, we were going to celebrate Aya- Mimi’s birthday that was the day before. After, we sat by the fire to tell scary stories and soon it was time to sleep .That is how we spent our first dinner !

Sharon and Sara

Our Discovery of Mangroves

At 9 am we went with our group and Ms. Shannon to explore the Mangroves. At the mangroves we saw crabs , clams and snails. Along the mangroves we saw a net that was there to catch the fish but we went during low tide. We walked all along the shoreline and it was muddy. In the mud we discovered 3 species of crabs. One with orange pincers , one with red pincers and one with blue and red pincers. We all think this crab might be poisoness, but we will have to do some research.

In class we learned that fishermen set up nets to catch fish during high tide. This is how families provides food for themselve and earn a living. We also learned that mangroves protect shorelines. On our walk we also found snake tracks and many more tracks of animals.We saw a red mangrove, a black mangrove and a white mangrove. The one that we saw the most of is the red mangrove.

We stopped in a place with normal sand to have a snack and to rest a bit.We went on another path to find other species of animal. Ms.Shannon was expecting to find more insectes but we didn’ t find interesting insects. It was a pleasure to explore with our friends and teacher.
Thomas R. and Vrishab

The mangrove walk

Today (Tuesday , June 21st ) was an interesting day because we went on a hike to see the mangroves.

We saw all types of mangroves and different shapes and sizes of crab, snails and clams (In this area you can find 4 different types of mangroves ). We took lots of group photos as well as mangrove photos. After a long walk we sat and ate a healthy snack , so that we can stay in good shape.

There were a lot of little mangroves growing and some were not even 5 cm tall ! The good thing was that there was a mangrove path so it was easier to walk.

There were some parts that where very muddy , and also parts in the sand where you would step on it and your feet would sink for about 8 cm. When we were walking back we saw two snack tracks.

It was an amazing experience to see the different types of mangroves with our friends and teacher .

Alex.H and Bernard