Santa Maria - Kayak & Mangroves (Day 4)

Kayaking in the rain...

Kayak : Two very different descriptions of the same event

Kayaking in the rain

After breakfast, group two left for kayaking with Julien. We dragged our kayaks to the water, took some pictures, jumped into our boats and started paddling. We rowed all the way to Hell’s Gate, did a figure eight and continued on our way.

Fifteen minutes after we left the lodge, our group stopped on a stretch of sand that had been revealed by the low tide. Once everyone stopped moving, we noticed how cold we were, and after a bit it started drizzling.

Very soon, everyone got back into the kayaks, and started to move towards the lodge. A little into the water, the rain started coming down really hard, drenching us to the bone. With the wind pushing us in the wrong direction, it took FOREVER to get back to the shore.

Once our group got into really shallow water, we dragged the boats through the water, onto the sand, past Nhoxani and all the way to the lodge.

After that, we immediately ran off to our houses, ready for a warm shower and a tasty lunch.

Emma C.


Today was a really fun day. We went kayaking with our teachers (Julien and Durcilia). The first time we were kayaking with the current but on our way back we were kayaking against the current, and it was much more difficult.

It was kind of hard in the beginning, but then lots of people got the hang of it. In the water we had lots of races and we made the number 8 in-between buoys. We dropped our kayaks on an island of sand and we played in the water.

At that moment it started to rain so we quickly jumped in our kayaks and start rowing.

We had to put forth a greater effort because we were going against the current, but when we were further from the ocean the current in the bay was weaker. We were very lucky because the rain was hot so it was good and nice.

The worst part was when we had to drag our kayaks along the beach but it was still very fun !!!!!!!!

Samuel.T and Alexander B.


On Wednesday, group 2 went to see the mangroves with Prof’ Bruno.

We saw all 4 types of mangroves. One had beautiful flowers with small branches and they were really pretty.

The second one had pointed leaves. The third one had rounded leaves and the last one was like a normal tree because the roots were under the ground .

When we finished seeing the mangroves we went to beach to try to catch some fish. They were so small and some were hard to catch. We caught around 20 fish. Samuel , Nicolas , Ayzel and Alex B were catching the fish with their hands and Lili, Emma and Mariana were catching with their flip flops. It was so funny and they were always screaming for no reason just because the fish swam really fast or the fish jumped out of their hands.

Everyone was playing in the muddy sand and our feet were sinking. When we were coming back we saw a sea snake. It was really small but it swam so, so fast, and Bruno caught it with his hands.

Bruno also caught a medium size crab with red pincers but it didn’t bite.

We realize we really need to protect the mangroves because they are important to humans for medicine, body oils, they protect the coastline, we can use the timber for fire and building things.

Many people along the coastline fish in these areas to provide food for their families and to sell to make money. There are also many species that live in these environments.

Congrats to Miss. Shannon ! If it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t know all these important facts about mangroves, so thanks to her for this wonderful project.

Mariana S. & Lili G.

Cooking and Mangroves


When we (GROUP 2) went to the mangroves with Bruno. We saw different types of mangroves.

We saw how the seeds work, and we saw the mangrove roots .We saw some crabs and some fish. Ayzel and Samuel couth 13 fish, Samuel got 7 and Ayzel got 6.We found a fish family. We found a big crab hole. We also saw a sea snake.


We were cutting some fruit, and scratching some cheese. We made some spaghetti bolognaise.

Samuel was making the sauce Ayzel was scratching some cheese and Nicolas was peeling the carrot. At the end it tasted delicious.

Ayzel and Nicolas.