Santa Maria - Day 4

The Football Match


On the 22nd of June after lunch we went to Inhaca to snorkel. Thomas drove the boat to Inhaca. When we got there we all put our equipment together to snorkel. After that, we formed groups of 4 and the first group was Charlene, Thomas, Sharon and Orphelia. Orphelia had some problems with the mask but it was still fun, and we saw all types of fish.

When the first group was in the water, the second group buried Alex H and made a mermaid. Sara and the rest of her group made the mermaid until the first group came back. When we went in the water we saw big fish, orange fish, triangular fish, transparent fish and many other types of fish.

On our way back Bernard drove the boat and he almost crashed into the rocks. All the girls started screaming but the teacher told him to turn, so he did it. It was so much fun. On the way back we saw Eric and Sylvain coming back from the dunes so we gave them a ride. It was so cool.

Vrishab and Thomas

The Football Match

Yesterday, Thursday June 22nd, at about 3:40 pm there was a football match , the French school ( LGE ) vs the kids of the village.

The game had started , but not everyone was there. After some time everyone arrived . They scored the first two goals in the early minutes of the game . After some time we equalized thanks to Bernard and Samuel’s amazing goals . The celebrations didn’t last long , because they scored twice and made the score 4-2 . It was basically over for us (The French School).

But our magnificent coaches encouraged us , we were hitting them with all our shots and in defense we were rocks. Bernard scored again , he got his brace he could scored a hattrick . After a while my goal kick ( Alex.H ) lead to Miguel’s goal , it was 4-4.

The match was taking long so Julien decided to do “ Golden Goal “ meaning that whoever scored the next goal would win the game . It was a long , frustrating 10 minutes for both teams. The gamet looked like it was over , like if it was going to finish 4-4. At one point they were tearing our defense apart and it looked like they they would score … but they missed . On a goal kick I kicked the ball to their box , and out of nowhere Savely scored a fantastic goal ,making the score 5-4.

There where amazing performances from Bernard , Samuel (who doesn’t play a lot of football ) and Savely (that wanted revenge for a slide tackle ) and me.

It was an amazing and emotional match.

Alex.H and Bernard

Le midi

Le midi nous avons préparé une salade de riz, nous avons mélangé des tomates, du thon, des œufs et des avocats. Puis quand on a mélangé les ingrédients délicatement, on a ajouté du vinaigre et d’huile d’olive.
Quand on a terminé de faire le riz, on a commencé a couper le maracuja pour notre mousse. Charlène et Orphélia faisaient la mousse et Sara, Thomas, Alex, Bernard, Sharon et Vrishab mettaient du lait condensé, du maracuja, la crème fraiche et puis ils ont mélangé tous les ingrédients avec la mousse préparée par les deux filles.
Pendant que tout le monde jouait, la mousse était dans le congélateur pour congeler et la salade de riz en train de refroidir.
Quand c’était prêt, les filles du groupe ont goûté la mousse de maracuja et le riz : C’ÉTAIT BON !!!!
A 12 heures nous avons commencé à manger.
Sara, Sharon et Orphelia on servit les plats.
Charlene et Sara

Our Evening Routine

For the past few evenings our routine is to go to the beach right before dinner to toast with our friends. Some people play and others talk, but we all have fun.

After enjoying the sunset we go to the kitchen area and wait for the group who did the dinner to finish. When we are eating there is a nice cozy fire to keep us warm.

After eating our dessert we normally play games, draw or write in our daily journals before sleeping. Last night the groups joined together and we played 15, Would you Rather, The Blind Fold game and Santa Maria’s Got Talent.

And that’s what our evening routine is like.

Sharon and Orphelia