Rentrée 2020

Dear Parents,

As of 26 August 2020, we are waiting for the compulsory health inspection to welcome students back to classroom learning at school.

As a result, we will be offering distance learning to all of our students from September 2nd, 2020. The school will remain ready to welcome the students back to classroom learning as soon as the authorisations have been issued, and we have already put in place a restart plan which we will be pleased to present to you in detail next week at school.

In order to prepare students for the start of the new school year with distance learning, we therefore propose to welcome families to the school in the following way:
- Only one parent per family
- Respect for sanitary rules:
- Masks
- Taking temperatures at the entrance
- Hand washing
- Respecting social distancing of 1m50.
- Meetings of less than 50 people organised outdoors.
Secondary: gymnasium
Primary: canteen
Agenda for the meetings
For distance learning
- Presentation of the teachers
- Pupils’ timetable
- Tools for distance learning: presentation, access
- Rules for distance learning
- Designation of representatives

For resumption of classroom teaching
- Presentation of the health protocol
- Organisation of classroom teaching: principles

A video presentation in Portuguese and English will be sent by email to parents who are unable to attend.

Timetables for meetings
Wednesday 2nd September 9 :45 - 11 :15
Maternelle/Primary entrance Moyenne Section
11 :30 - 1 :30
Maternelle/Primary entrance Grande section
8 :30 - 10 :30
Secondary entrance 6ème
10 :45 - 12 :15
Secondary entrance seconde
Response to questions by school management
1 :30pm: Zoom 763 730 7753 /02PROVI
Thursday 3rd September 8 :00 -9 :30
Maternelle/Primary entrance CP
9 :45-11 :15
Maternelle/Primary entrance CE1
11 :30-1 :00
Maternelle/Primary entrance CE2
8 :30-10 :30
Secondary entrance 5ème
10 :45-12 :15
Secondary entrance 4ème
Response to questions by the school management
1:30pm: Zoom 763 730 7753 /03PROVI
Friday 4th September 8h30-10h30
Maternelle/Primary entrance CM1
Maternelle/Primary entrance CM2
8h00 -9h30
Secondary entrance 3ème
Secondary entrance Première
Secondary entrance Terminale
Response to questions by school management
1:30pm: Zoom 763 730 7753 /04PROVI

The start for Petite section in nursery will be postponed.

Distance learning courses will start the day after the meetings for the levels concerned by a video with the class teacher or the main teacher at 8.45 am.

Secondary school students can come individually to the school on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 1.30pm to 4pm to collect their school books, respecting the sanitary protocol (masks, hand washing, respect of the signs).