School project

Directions and objectives

With the increasing number of students and the potential expanding urban environment the French School of Maputo needs a school project both ambitious and reasonable for the next three years.

- Ambitious regarding the development of the capital city and considering the urban expansion around the school campus. EFM can only benefit from the consequent increase of population in the area.

- Reasonable with a current number of students that does not yet allow to sustain the institution. It is therefore necessary to choose a steady increase, up to a base of 300 to 400 students, financially controlled, without affecting the quality of the teaching provided.
This School Project will naturally fit in accordance with the guidelines of the AEFE, in respect of the guidelines of registered and certified schools.

To sustain this development, three areas were identified that need to support the transition between a family size structure to an institution strongly oriented towards the local education market and maintaining a harmony of a local and friendly facility.

These three areas are identified as the strengthening of multilingualism, the individualized support to students to promote a school of excellence and a qualitative improvement in the service provided to children and parents.