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Soccer match LGE - Primary School of Ponta do Ouro

Saturday 27th of May
6/06/2017 – Saturday 27th of May was a very beautiful morning full of football and friendliness for 15 of our students enrolled at the Periscolaire! We welcomed a small group of pupils from the Primary School of Ponta de Ouro for a friendly sporting event. They left Ponta de Ouro at dawn by bus and arrived around 11h after crossing the bay of Maputo with the ferry. For some of them it was their first (...)
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Friendly basket tournament LGE - Sanana School

Saturday 13th of May
23/05/2017 – At the initiative of our basketball coach Ms. Soraia Pinto, our basketball players aged 8 years old and older welcomed this Saturday morning 13th of May the Sanana School to play a friendly tournament. Thanks to the players and the coaches of both teams for this nice morning and to the parents to have been present to encourage their kids despite the cold wind of this (...)
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3rd Meeting and Graduation of Capoeira Abaetê

Saturday 11th of March
20/04/2017 – Saturday 11th of March was a very beautiful morning full of capoeira, warmth and friendliness for 15 of our students! Kids were able to show their progress to their parents under the guidance of their capoeira teacher, Mestre Ruy da Silva Santos At the end of their graduation, each of our students got a new colour of rope: green for the beginners, yellow for 5 students and even (...)
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Friendly soccer games Lycée Gustave Eiffel - InterMaputo

Saturday 15th of April 2017
20/04/2017 – On Saturday 15th of April, our soccer players from the Périscolaire hosted the InterMaputo players for a series of friendly games on our field at the Lycée Gustave Eiffel. Thanks to all the players Sub 8, Sub 10, Sub 12 and Sub 14 to be so numerous, we were expecting a low participation, this Saturday falling during the long Easter weekend! Congratulations to all the players and supporters (...)
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Les tournois de rugby au lycée Gustave Eiffel en 2017

17/04/2017 – L’ensemble des élèves de CM1 à la terminale qui participent à l’activité rugby en périscolaire ont participé à des tournois qui se trouvaient dans des établissements hors Mozambique. Ainsi les élèves qui ont moins de 11 ans (appelés U11) et les U15 sont allés à Johannesburg tandis que les U13 et les U15 sont allés à Nairobi. Les tournois ont des formes différentes selon l’âge des enfants, ainsi en U11 les (...)
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New Calendar for the extracurricular activities

Our students of “’Très Petite Section Petite Section / Petite Section’ can stay the afternoon at school from the 10th of April 2017!

Day of the finals of the futsal tournament - Saturday 25th of March

28/03/2017 – This Saturday 25th of March was the day of the finals of the 1st futsal tournament ’Torneio das Culturas 2017’ organized jointly by the Portuguese school and the Comunidade Maometana. Congratulations to our girls Sub 14 who fought for the first place until the end but unfortunately lost against the team of the Trichard School, too strong. Congratulations to all our boys Sub 12 and Sub 14, who (...)
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Johannesburg 2017: la cérémonie d’ouverture

15/03/2017 – Le soir du 13 mars 2017, après la réception de toutes les délégations, il y a eu lieu la cérémonie d’ouverture du tournoi international du rugby au lycée Jules Verne de Johannesburg. Participent à ce tounoi, qui aura lieu du 13 au 18 mars, 4 écoles françaises notamment: l’EFE Montaigne de Cotonou (Bénin) le lycée français Denis Diderot de Nairobi (Kénya) le lycée Gustave Eiffel de Maputo (Mozambique) et (...)
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Tournoi de rugby - Maputo Rugby Club et lycée G.Eiffel

La 1ère journée du championnat U10 et U12
23/02/2017 – Samedi 18 février 2017 se tenait la 1 ère journée du championnat U10 et U12 des écoles de la province de Maputo. Le Lycée Gustave Eiffel de Maputo alignait pour l’occasion 2 équipes inscrites en U10, 1 Ce1-CE2 et 1 Cm1, ainsi qu’1 équipe inscrite en U12 composées d’élèves de Cm2 - 6eme. Au total ce sont 8 équipes U10 et 12 équipes U12 qui s’affrontaient sur la pelouse de notre Lycée. Nos plus (...)
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Three teams from our Lycée Gustave Eiffel at the futsal tournament ’Torneio das Culturas 2017’

22/02/2017 – Congratulations to our SUB 12 and SUB 14 players! While we practice only football, and not futsal, during the extracurricular time, our players defended themselves very well during this first day of tournament, organized jointly by the Portuguese school and the Comunidade Maometana. A great opportunity, especially for our girls, who formed an exclusively feminine team, a first for them! (...)
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