Our favourite pictures

Pictures and interview

I am Sebastiao and I am doing a blog with my friends Giovanni, Yoshua, Natalie, Mina, Zowe, and Malaika. We took pictures of different things like mangrove trees, crabs, mangrove seeds, and dunes. Then we chose our favourite pictures from the different things and wrote about the photos.

Natalie a trouvé un papillon qui était blessé et après elle l’a laissé sur le sable.
Le papillon s’est envolé dans les airs.
- Mina

This is a crab that we found in the mangrove with some fish.
We had a lot of trouble finding it, but we did it.
- Giovanni

This is me, Malaika, and Yoshua climbing the dunes.
- Sebastiao

Here we are on top of a dune this has a cross to mark the highest point in the dunes.
We can see almost everything.
It was so pretty !
- Zowé

In this picture we were going down the dune on the way to the beach.
We were running to have fun !
- Natalie

After we hiked a lot we got to swim.
It was so fun.
There were a lot of waves so we had to be careful.
- Natalie

This is the picture of us in the sea with the big waves.
- Sebastiao

Nos estavamos a ir se banhar no mar e o nosso grupo era grupo2.
Nos mergulhamos banhamos nos no mar e era o oceano atlantico.
O mar era forte com muito forca e nos procuramos conchas e nos sobimos montanhas de areia e descemos nas montanhas de areia.
- Yoshua

This is an interview by Malaika and Zowe.
We interviewed Natalie.
We asked questions about what she did and what she liked at Santa-Maria.

I’m Malaika and I interviewed Ipan.
He liked Santa-Maria and he slept in a tent.

J’ai posé des questions à Malaika et Zowé sur les dunes.
Elles sont marchées 3 heures avec le maitre du Lycée Gustave Eiffel Bruno qui les a accompagnées.
- Mina

Ils se sont amusés.
Elles étaient avec Giovanni, Natalie, Sebastiao et ils se sont baignés.
Bruno a pris des photos.
Elles ont trouvé des souvenirs de la mer, des couraille …
Elles sont descendues les dunes avec le groupe.
- Mina

Et n’oubliez pas, nous avons parlé avec Angel et Lucas.