Release/communiqué COVID-19 on March 14, 2020

The crisis management unit which met on Saturday morning in the presence of representatives of the Board of Directors and the French Embassy defined a comprehensive action plan with 3 levels of protection (see the plan PJ).

We are currently at the level one, which requires us to strictly enforce the following measures

- Apply strict hygiene measures (hand washing for parents, pupils and visitors, disinfection of tables and handles, wearing of masks for canteen staff, no physical contact...).

- a 14-day quarantine for all travellers coming from the identified zones (with more than 1000 confirmed cases and/or infection of more than 100 cases on two consecutive days): Reference

- If you are hosting a quarantined visitor, students or staff must stay at home.

- Denial of entry to staff and students if symptoms of fever and cough.

- Suspension of out-of-country travel for students and staff.

- Limited access for parents: parents do not go past the entrance or are admitted by appointment.

- Kindergarten parents drop off children in front of the kindergarten gate.

- Prohibition of adult gatherings within the school grounds.

It is for these reasons that we have postponed the musette ball and proposed a system of parent/teacher meetings by appointment.

The second level, a sick person is present on the Mozambican territory:

In addition to t level one measures.

- Temperature controls and eviction of staff and students on medical advice.

- Suppression of access to the entrance for parents who pick up their children outside.

(closure of vehicle access).

- Kindergarten parents drop off their children in front of the kindergarten gate.

- Suppression of all out-of-school trips.

The third level, which is characterized by proven local transmission in Mozambique or a proven case in the educational community, will lead to the closure of theschool aby decision of the French Ambassador.

The management and teachers, with the support of the AEFE’s pedagogical services and the National Centre for Correspondence Education (CNED), are already preparing the implementation of distance education that will be based on digital tools.

We will come back to you shortly to present details of the system.