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13/10/2016 – September: Pique-nique The yearly Picnic held on a Saturday in September is the first event of the school year. It offers parents, especially of new students, the opportunity to get to know each other better. December: Fête de Noël / Kermess This event is a celebration of the closing of the first term with a big play date gathering children, parents and teachers, while sharing a lunch. (...)
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Le pique-nique de la rentrée


Célébrons la langue française

notre bal musette samedi 19 mars - spectacles et maisons du monde vendredi 1er avril
16/03/2016 – La fête de la francophonie, célébrée au mois de mars, est chaque année l’occasion de renforcer les liens qui nous unissent autour de la langue française et des cultures liées à la francophonie par des valeurs humanistes communes. L’équipe pédagogique et le comité des évènements du lycée Gustave EIFFEL - Ecole française internationale de Maputo célèbrent cet événement par l’organisation d’activités que les (...)
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The picnic day

20/09/2016 – Thanks to you all, children and parents, newcomers and veterans, Mozambican, French and other nationalities, for coming in such numbers at our Welcome Picnic last Saturday 17 of September, in a friendly and warm atmosphere, with musical and sports activities (circus, percussions and capoeira), (...)  +

Irène’s Farewell Party Last Night

30/11/2015 – After almost 5 years in Maputo, so many accomplished things among which the music and the creation of the Committee of the Events of the EFM, here you are soon left towards new horizons! THANK YOU Irène, for your efficiency, your positivism, your generosity and your discretion! Safe journey (...)  +

Village playground

24/11/2015 – In order to celebrate together the end of the year and bring together pupils of all ages, teachers, parents and friends, the team at the French School of Maputo and the Events Committee would like to invite you to a village playground on Saturday, December 12th 2015, of 10:00 to 14:00 * (...)  +